Insignia Publishing

Insignia Publishing

INSIGNIA GROUP OF COMPANIES is a brand designed to represent all that is best in today’s luxury goods and services market, and provide a premier lifestyle service to an exclusive group of ultra-high net worth individuals. To help achieve this we created Insignia Publishing, a multi-discipline resource covering L’Art de Vivre.

Featuring a diary, magazine, newsletter and online portal of specialist websites, Insignia Publishing has a wealth of information keeping customers abreast of current trends in the luxury goods and services industry.

Luxury ShowroomLuxury Showroom
The Voice of LuxuryThe Voice of Luxury
Lifestyle BoutiqueLifestyle Boutique
Insignia Million RewardsInsignia Million Rewards


On Luxury Showroom many of the world’s finest luxury brands have found the ultimate platform on which to exhibit their products to our exclusive group of habitual ultra-high net worth shoppers.

Only limited edition goods such and unique, one of a kind pieces are showcased whether they be antique, classic or contemporary. Typical items include single malt whiskies, perfumes, timepieces, jewellery, handbags, bespoke built instruments and works of art commissioned by important historical figures etc.

Luxury Showroom encapsulates every facet of opulent living and is available via our Lifestyle Boutique website


INSIGNIA GROUP OF COMPANIES Magazine: The Voice of Luxury is a sumptuous periodical lifestyle magazine, which guides and reflects the elegant way of life enjoyed by our elite clientele. The magazine’s large format; glossy pages serve as a visual feast engaging our sophisticated readership and keeping them informed of all the latest trends in international fashion and luxury living.

The magazine’s design and production values reflect INSIGNIA GROUP OF COMPANIES’s uncompromising vision of excellence and exclusivity and we present luxury goods as almost tangible artefacts of beauty, desirability and distinction.

Insignia has a spectral editorial policy in terms of the trappings of luxury living. This includes high fashion for both men and women: luxury branded clothing and accessories, fine jewellery, and sensual cosmetics and fragrances. Our fashion features reflect the fabulous world to which our clients’ elite status as Insignia members grants them unlimited access.

Other aspects of extravagant living showcased by the magazine include: transport and travel, elite cars, yachts and jets, along with the attractions of exclusive international destinations. Luxury in the home is explored through our editorial on real estate, interiors, grand-design and objet d’art. In terms of gastronomy we savour the delights of international fine-dining, refined spirits and cigars.

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The Lifestyle Boutique website is in itself a benchmark in terms of design and user convenience.

At INSIGNIA GROUP OF COMPANIES we insist that our customers are informed fully on the key developments in fashion and lifestyle which will enrich their lives and cultivate their sophistication. We achieve this through our Lifestyle Boutique website which distils all that is excellent in today’s luxury goods and services markets based on insider knowledge and expertise.

Through the Lifestyle Boutique website we explore the future world of fashion and guide our clients in terms of the latest designer trends, accessories, jewels and cosmetics along with services and shopping opportunities. Encompassing the expertise of consultants in a variety of fields, our spectral approach to lifestyle explores what’s new in luxury travel, art and culture.

Our Top 10 lists also give our clients a convenient and informative overview on all things luxury across multiple disciplines. Our website also features the exclusive insights and advice of connoisseurs and professionals, the latest news and trends as well as comprehensive city guides.


The world’s most prestigious loyalty points programme

Guided by the most influential and creative brands in the world of luxury, we searched the globe for decadent luxury products including timeless high-end jewellery, excellent wine and cigars and the most extraordinary hotels and destinations on the planet – and compiled them into our Insignia Million Rewards programme.

Insignia Million Rewards points, from all purchases made using Insignia Cards, can be redeemed for a range of luxurious goods and services, from designer branded luggage and beauty products, to the extravagance of a luxurious Rolls Royce or private jet hire.

Insignia Million Rewards also supports several charities by arranging for customers to use their points to make cash donations.

For the best of everything, in beauty and fashion, in art and design, in wining and dining, the Insignia Million Rewards programme is a showcase of only the finest.

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