If you’ve missed having a relaxing drink at your favourite bar so much that you’ve stepped into experimenting with the mixology world at home, we have some good news for you! As you may have learned during the first lockdown, mixing a mean martini is much harder than it looks. This time around, why not leave it to the professionals and try one of the luxurious, ready-made, bar-quality cocktail delivery services below? Save yourself the time and get straight to the good part – sipping cocktails by the fire with the ones you love.

Asterley Bros’ Three Kings Cocktail Set

As the Christmas festivities approach, what better way is there to celebrate than with the “nativity Cocktails” from the Asterley Bros? The Three Kings Set, including The Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh Cocktail pre-mixes will bring all the best compliments from guests. These 200ml, ready-to-pour cocktail offerings are all made in South London using British-made spirits, making them both fresh and delicious.
The Gold Martini is flecked with 23-carat gold leaf and can be described as a true authentic dry martini. The Frankincense Manhattan has a smoky, spicy, and punchy flavour. Last but not least, the Myrrh Negroni is sweet while deeply spiced and fragrant. Get ready to feel the holiday spirit with this delicious cocktail set!

Three Sheets Cocktail Bar At Home

In the bustling city of Dalston, Noel and Max Venning run what is known as the 16th best cocktail bar in the world. Since it’s not possible to visit at the moment, you’ll have to “make do” with their spectacular cocktails in the comfort of your own home! Their vast range of pre-mixed cocktails offers classics with a twist, so get ready to test and try them all to find your favourites in time for the festivities!

For an elegant and fun evening trying different flavours and experimenting with the exciting modernised cocktails, make sure to check out Three Sheets online.Their high-quality ingredients (Victory vodka, Woodford Reserve, and Maker’s Mark bourbon) make the cocktails much purer and cleaner, ensuring you’ll wake up the morning after feeling fresh and perky.
Leave the messy, fiddly business behind, and enjoy your cocktails fresh from these 500ml bottles, at your liking!

Sergeant Pepper from Hacha, The Drinks Drop

If you’re looking for an especially modern take on luxurious and personalised cocktails, The Drinks Drop is right for you. With this delivery service, you can enjoy pre-mixed cocktails prepared by bartenders from the 20 best bars in London. Each drink is labelled with the handwritten initials of the bartender who mixed it, a best before date, and simple serving instructions. Even better, the company takes a sustainable approach as the cocktails come in recyclable packaging which can be sent back through the pre-addressed post bag provided.

With options like a delicious Plum Negroni, a refreshing Mint and Yuzu Daiquiri, or a Sergeant Pepper each from respective bars, what’s stopping you?

The Nio x Acqua di Parma Aperitivo in Terrazza Box

Since travel plans have been disrupted quite a bit this year, why not take a trip with your senses through the flavours of these amazing Italian cocktails? The historic fragrance house, Acqua di Parma, and Italian cocktail brand, Nio, have collaborated to provide us with the complete Italian experience, the Terrazza Box. Within the box, you will find one Acqua di Parma candle to refresh your ambience, alongside one Negroni and one Cosmopolitan. 

This sleek kit is ideal for two, possibly in a romantic setting. The drinks are delicious, and the candle smells magnificent, so why not experience this fun start to your evening while the Acqua di Parma candle continues to cast a glow throughout winter. 

The Cocktail Delivery Company

This home-delivery cocktail service is sure to bring a smile to your face. This company has an option for everyone, from the sweet tooth to the more sophisticated palate. With options for classic cocktails, club signature drinks, mocktails, and party boxes, you’re set for the whole festive season! Inside each box, you’ll find that the pre-mixed cocktails come with clearly printed and simple instructions, such as shaking the mix with ice and straining into a lowball glass. The drinks come in options of 250ml bottles or 750ml bottles, so the first for a romantic night in, and the latter for a whole family soiree.

The large menu includes a vast range of classics and twists to choose from if you want to spend an evening enjoying expertly prepared bartender-level drinks, especially during these times!

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