About Insignia

About Insignia

Insignia Group of Companies (IGC) founded in 1996 as a travel related services provider and payment cards issuer. We have since grown into an all-encompassing luxury lifestyle management group with a global presence consisting of international offices in London, Moscow, Valletta and Bratislava.

We deliberately cap our membership and have implemented a policy of a 2:1 member ratio in order to maintain exclusivity. This allows us to fulfil our ethos of delivering ‘complete personal attention’ to each individual customer and ensures that we consistently deliver the same high standard of quality service.

Membership is strictly by invitation only for ultra-high and high net worth individuals who represent extraordinary spending power. Our customers include wealthy and prominent individuals including entrepreneurs, business magnates, recognised celebrities and artists as well as renowned figures from culture, entertainment and sport.

Our history

In 1996 we tapped into emerging markets by creating a network of corporate rate agreements with premium airlines and hotel chains to offer high-end travel and travel related services to our target audience. In the same year, we were able to issue co-branded payment cards in conjunction with some of the world’s largest financial services institutions under the banner of card marketing agreements.

In 2001, with five years of experience working in the premium payment card market and luxury travel services industry, we established our own in-house premium payment card company ‘Insignia Cards’ and the luxury lifestyle concierge ‘Lifestyle Boutique’.

In the same year we launched our flagship card products, Royal Card and Glamour Card. These pioneering products revolutionised the premium payment card market by offering benchmarked benefits and privileges including: 24-hour personal assistant, no pre-set spending limits, no authorisation checks, up to 120 days interest free credit and large ATM cash withdrawals.

Royal and Glamour cardholders were both granted access to Lifestyle Boutique which, coupled with the card programmes complimentary premium travel and health insurance policies and mobile telecommunications package ‘Insignia Connect’, combined to create a comprehensive luxury lifestyle management solution.

The Insignia Cards portfolio has since expanded to include a streamlined financial services payment product, Elite Card, in 2004. Extensions of this product include Elite Corporate Card and the Elite Friends and Family programme, which allows basic cardholders to issue cards to their dependents and manage their card accounts.

In 2010, Insignia Cards launched the world’s first and only multi-currency card, Label Card, alongside the inauguration of exclusive benefits including the VIP Airport Assistance and the luxury loyalty points programme Insignia Million Rewards.

Whilst the premium payment card company Insignia Cards remains at the heart of our business, we have also developed other interests in our committed drive to cover every facet of luxury living.

In 2004, IGC also established Insignia Publishing, a publishing arm covering all online content including: the Insignia Million Rewards website where Label Card members can redeem loyalty reward points against luxury brand goods and services; the Lifestyle Boutique website which features luxury industry related news, interviews and features and The Luxury Showroom featuring a carefully vetted selection of limited edition and unique luxury pieces available exclusively for IGC members to purchase.

Insignia Publishing also produces an annual, large format, glossy magazine The Voice of Luxury and The Golden Pages – a valuable resource to all of the year’s key luxury lifestyle events available in various formats.

Today IGC is recognised among the international elite as the quintessential luxury lifestyle management group. With future products in the pipeline including the Jet Card, Scholar Card and Gourmet Card, IGC remain true to their commitment of being the world’s only luxury lifestyle management choice for affluent individuals.

Service promise
Insignia provides ‘exceptional customer care’ by delivering a traditional service based on one-to-one interactions with friendly professionals. The Insignia Service Promise is our pledge to deliver the very best in customer service excellence at all times.
Our premium payment cardholders have access to their own 24-hour personal assistant who is available 7 days a week, 365 days a year. They also have access to our luxury lifestyle management company ‘Lifestyle Boutique’ which consists of specialists with a background of working within various sectors of the luxury goods and services industry.
All IGC staff are carefully screened and then trained to be attentive and courteous at all times.
The trademark of IGC is delivering services tailor-made for the individual customer.

We work with a diverse network of global luxury goods and service providers suitable for catering to all tastes. We also negotiate value added benefits with these trusted suppliers for privileges our members won’t find anywhere else.

As important as privacy is to the clients of any financial company, our members have an extra special need to protect hypersensitive information. Just as we have a comprehensive screening and risk management process for vetting membership, we take protecting their interests as important as we do protecting our own. We handle and fulfil customer requests with the utmost discretion and rigorous confidentiality in accordance with multi-jurisdictional law or any applicable regulations.
We address all concerns promptly and always take the position of viewing the grievance from the perspective of the member so that we are committed to acting in their best interests at all times. This is one of the reasons why many of the customers who joined our service upon inception, almost two decades ago, remain our valued members today.