Our values
Be unrivalled in everything you do, with ambition and passion. Delve deeper into details until you understand every aspect of the problem then face it with a creative solution. Logic, reason and quality prevail over everything else in decision making at Insignia.
Belong to a global community, working collectively as a united force to service some of the most elite clientele. Welcome and respect everyone, creating an inclusive and cross functional environment for all.
Insignia is all about results and making the impossible happen for our clients and our business. We believe in the importance of great work ethic and we will bet on people who have drive.
Love and understand your customers, keeping them front of mind. Exceed their expectations by delivering unforgettable experiences that will not only wow our clients but ourselves also.
Disrupt the status quo and embrace innovation with a curious mindset. Make courageous decisions, searching for new ways to shape the future.
Explore Opportunities
Open a world of exclusive opportunities for your career
Why work with us?
We believe that any success at Insignia is due to two things: our people and their hard work. We believe that brilliant people who never settle and work hard, when empowered will produce the best outcome.
Lifelong learning
Insignia offers you extensive opportunities for personal and professional development as learning and development are essential aspects of our core values. At Insignia, we believe that your career is what you make it; we are here to help you grow along the way.
Enhanced holiday allowance
Insignia understands the need for time away from work to recharge, travel, spend time with family and friends, and deal with personal affairs. We provide fully paid holiday leave globally.
Access to the latest tech
From the latest mobile phones to laptops and tablets, we have got you covered. Insignia will gear you up with all the most recently released tech to ensure you can work easily and in style.
Get connected
Get the chance to connect with the world’s most influential market leaders in hospitality. Daily involvement with Insignia’s 2000+ vendors will provide you with the ultimate black book and exclusive knowledge.
Wellness at the heart
At Insignia, we believe in taking extreme care of our clientele; likewise, we apply the same level of care for our employees. We offer localised health perks and offer an attractive pension scheme to support you later in life.
Live through Insignia
Reap the rewards that Insignia offers to its family! From last minute restaurant bookings to romantic getaways, we will say to you what we say to our clients - Yes to Impossible.
Lifelong learning
Enhanced holiday allowance
Access to the latest tech
Get connected
Wellness at the heart
Live through Insignia
Insignia people testimonials
'Daily dynamic and creative challenges pushing capabilities to the greatest outcome'
Alex Elnaugh
'Highly personalised and exclusive services to those who 
want to experience the best life has to offer.'
Youlia Nagaytseva