Lifestyle Boutique

Lifestyle Boutique

The ultimate wish granters.

With Lifestyle Boutique anything is possible, from arranging a private performance by a celebrity musician, cultivating rare art collections, gaining access to high-profile invite-only social events and award ceremonies, hiring an entire exotic island or finding that rare or exclusive item.

Dedicated Personal Assistant
Each Royal Card and Glamour Card member is appointed with their own 24-hour Personal Assistant who directs the resources of the Lifestyle Boutique product and service experts to provide the member with the most effective and efficient solutions.

Lifestyle Boutique Specialists
Lifestyle Boutique consists of a team of specialists revered in their respective fields of expertise, covering every facet in the art of refined living. These specialists act as support for Personal Assistants, providing cardholders with the best possible personal service at all times anywhere in the world. With a background of working with luxury brand goods and service providers, Lifestyle Boutique specialists are diligently groomed to handle unconventional demands and proactively pursue cutting edge insider information and hidden gems to gift Insignia members with the full richness that life has to offer.

World Renowned Experts
World-renowned experts in art, diamonds, education, home services, interior design, perfumery, personal security, property and wellbeing among others are available to assist any member on their individual needs.

Lifestyle Boutique Partners
Insignia Lifestyle Boutique’s team of carefully vetted, trusted and long-term partners always go the extra mile to fulfil even the most extravagant member requests, often under very tight deadlines.

Exclusive Luxury Products
Lifestyle Boutique regularly brings to its members the rare opportunity to acquire rare one-of-a-kind luxury products and services.

Exclusive Luxury Experiences
Lifestyle Boutiques luxury experts will create once in a lifetime experiences based on each members individual taste and preferences.

Private Shopping
Lifestyle Boutique can arrange exclusive access to personal shoppers and fashion designers for a memorable shopping experience. Experts will be on hand to offer guidance and advice. Lifestyle Boutique can also execute special requests to have the world’s most luxurious boutiques arrange a VIP suite during usual shopping hours in order to ensure an exclusive and private shopping experience.

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