Taking a markedly different approach to a series of scheduled business meetings, a client fed up with a miserable run of poor weather in London tasked us with getting him & his C-Level team onto a yacht in Sicily.

When we asked him for his preferred dates and times, his response was, “Now”. With little time to manoeuvre, we immediately started to scout around for suitable flights and accommodation. We also got in touch with the management of Abberley Luxury Yacht who managed to shift the odd mountain or two in order to free up ‘Running on Waves’ a modern sail ship with a crew hastily assembled, which included Michelin star chef, Pietro D’Agostino.

Later that evening, we were already sending cars to the client’s offices to transfer the entourage to the airport. While there, we treated them to our VIP Airport Assistance service, fast-tracking each person through passport security taking care of any duty free requests and chauffeuring them by airport buggy to the foot of the plane.

While they were occupied blasting through the skies at 50,000 feet in a pressurised tube of steel, we were putting the finishing touches to the schedule when they arrived. This included catering, transportation, route planning, decoration, possible daily activities and having a suite of water skis and Sea Doos readily available for anyone who wanted one.

In the end, our client and his team stayed aboard for three nights during which we arranged for the full transportation, accommodation and catering for all musicians that were requested to perform for guests on different days 75 in total including the Russian star Diana Arbenina.

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