Card Benefits

All successful applicants are sent a welcome pack with their new card outlining the card benefits and how best to take advantage of them. You can also check our Insignia Cards section to compare our portfolio of premium, super-premium and business cards and their associated benefits.

What are the benefits of having an Insignia card?
What is Lifestyle Management? How can I benefit from it?
Do I have to have an Insignia card to use Insignia’s Lifestyle Management services?
Online Services
How do I register for an online account?
I’m experiencing problems with online services
Can I access my online account on my mobile phone?
Payments & Statements
How can I check my available balance?
How can I view my statements?
How often can I expect to receive a statement?
How will I be notified that a statement is available?
How long do payments take to clear?
Can I pay my bill by direct debit?
What is a grace period?
When is my payment due?
What happens if I miss my payment due date?
Can Insignia accept deposits and keep them in my card account?
Lost and stolen cards and charge disputes
How do I report my card lost, stolen or damaged?
What happens if I do not recognise a transaction on my card?
What is a Chargeback and how do they work?
What is VISA International Arbitration and how does it work?
Spending Limits, PIN & Fees
How much can I withdraw from a cash machine?
How is my spending limit determined and how can I increase the limit?
What happens if I try to make a purchase with my card and exceed my spending limit?
I have forgotten my PIN. How can I obtain a new one?
PINs with replacement cards
General Questions
What is the difference between a charge card and a credit card?
What are the advantages of having a charge card? How can I get one?
How do I contact customer services?
How do I apply for an Insignia card?
Card Management
How do I activate my card?
Can I order a card in different currencies?
My card is about to expire. When will I receive a replacement?
My card is damaged. How do I order a new one?
I’ve ordered a replacement card, when will it arrive?
I’ve received a new card, but I didn’t order one
My card doesn’t work, what should I do?
My card has been captured by an ATM, what should I do?
I've changed my details, what should I do?
Using your card
Where can I use my card
Do I need to notify you when I travel?
Supplementary Cards
How many supplementary cards can I order?
Does a supplementary cardmember need to register for online services separately?
Security & Data Protection
Data protection
How do I get a copy of my personal data?
Helping to protect you against fraud
Suspicious emails (phishing)
Reporting a suspicious phishing email
How to protect yourself from phishing
What is identity theft?
What identity theft can look like
How to protect yourself against identity theft
Protecting your identity
What is fraud?
How we protect you against fraud
What is the CVV number and where can I find it?
Insignia Rewards
What is Insignia Rewards?
Enrolling in Insignia Rewards
Earning Membership Rewards points
Types of charges ineligible for earning Insignia Rewards points
Redeeming Insignia Rewards points
Spend on almost anything
Promotional offers
Important information