Insignia lifestyle cards
Superpremium and Premium payment cards.
Insignia’s top-tier cards are by invitation only.
Insignia Jewellery Card
The flagship product of Insignia’s portfolio of desirable super-premium payment cards. Each piece within the Jewellery Collection is a true work of art, an original way to express your personality, outlook and principles or as the perfect gift for those treasured by you.
Insignia Royal Card
One of the world’s first super-premium payment cards, a puissant symbol of status designed to serve the financial and luxury lifestyle requirements of our most extraordinary customers.
Insignia Label Card
For those who love to travel, the Insignia Label Card is the world’s first premium multi-currency payment card that provides true spending freedom for the cosmopolitan lifestyle.
Insignia Elite Card
Designed to give financial flexibility to your loved and trusted ones in the simplest way possible. The Elite Card’s Friends and Family programme is ideal for giving independence to your dependents while retaining full control of your finances.
Exceptional Living
Exceptional Living
With our combined offering of luxury lifestyle management and payment services, Insignia has over 23 years of experience satisfying the lifestyle needs of the most influential & wealthy individuals in the world.

Our membership is strictly for ultra-high and high-net-worth individuals and we consciously cap membership to maintain exclusivity, allowing us to fulfil our ethos of delivering ‘complete personal attention’ to each individual so they can experience the very best life has to offer.
Insignia in the press
'Highly personalised and exclusive services to those who 
want to experience the best life has to offer.'
'Inside the $225,000 Oscars 2020 Gift Bag'
'Move over AmEx, here are by invitiation credit cards that cost $200,000'
'When AmEx Black Just Won't Do: A Gem-encrusted Card for .001%'
'The service is like having an invisible companion'
'British lifestyle management company takes the sting out of travel and daily life elevating it all to a lovely new life form'
'When you're exorbitantly rich, you can afford not to fret over things like your 15th wedding anniversary - at least if you're an Insignia member'
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