Insignia’s team of lifestyle managers recently embarked on an unforgettable trip to the enchanting city of Rome. The backdrop for this luxurious escapade was the illustrious Bvlgari Hotel, setting the stage for a fruitful collaboration.

The heart of this rendezvous was a captivating meeting with Mr Giulio Bazzi, Business Development Manager, whose insights and wisdom in luxury hospitality proved invaluable for our team’s professional growth. As we delved into discussions that spanned the horizons of business development, a beautiful partnership began to take shape.

Guiding us through this immersive experience were the esteemed Michael Wiseman and Alex Easton, Global Luxury Account Directors of Marriott, whose expertise in luxury travel united us in a shared vision of excellence. Together, we set out on a journey that would unveil the treasures of Rome in all their glory.

Our gratitude extends to Gabriele Finocchio and Mattia at Mutika EMC, whose unwavering support and meticulous planning ensured that our Rome Excursion was spectacular. They unveiled the city’s distinctive charm, leaving an indelible mark on our hearts.

The trip enriched our understanding of Rome and forged immediate collaborations, allowing us to address our discerning members’ unique requests and desires.

Special thanks go out to the remarkable hoteliers who graciously showcased their properties:

  • Bvlgari Hotel Roma – Giulio Bazzi
  • The St. Regis Rome – Valentina Gatti
  • W Rome – Susana Ribeiro
  • The Rome EDITION – Alessandra Borghetti

The trip was a celebration of luxury, collaboration, and the boundless possibilities that await those who seek to explore the world of opulence. As we return from Rome, we carry cherished memories and the promise of extraordinary partnerships.

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