Seychelles to open border to tourists 

Seychelles, an idyllic collection of islands off East Africa’s coast, follows in the footsteps of the Maldives’ in kickstarting its tourism. You won’t need to quarantine or be vaccinated to visit. You are free to roam Seychelles’ sandy white beaches and snorkel its warm turquoise waters after testing negative for COVID-19 within 72 hours of your departure. 

What is the current situation in Seychelles? 

Seychelles could be the first country in the world to reach herd immunity. The government and local health authorities are taking extensive measures to prevent the spread of the virus. More than 65% of the local population have already received their vaccinations, meaning the country can take further steps towards opening up to tourists. It has also been possible to enter the country without having to quarantine since 25 March. 

Below you have selected some of the Seychelles finest hotels with special offers available to Insignia members until the end of May.

Four Seasons Resort Seychelles

Four Seasons Resort

At the Four Seasons Resort in Seychelles, a gentle ocean breeze floats up the granite hillside and into your tree-house villa. This lavish property is the ideal base to experience the secluded island Eden at your own pace, whether it’s just you and your partner or with your family. Spend your days lounging by your private pool and playing in the turquoise waters of Petite Anse bay, or find your bliss at the hilltop spa before sitting down for a sunset meal on a deserted beach. However you envisage paradise, we guarantee you’ll find it here. 

Raffles Seychelles 

Raffles Seychelles

In the heart of the island of Praslin, aptly referred to as the mythological and idyllic ‘Garden of Eden’, you’ll find the tranquil resort of Raffles Seychelles. Each villa at Raffles, which are among the most spacious in Seychelles, features a private outdoor pavilion, plunge pool, and balcony to soak up breath-taking views of the opal-hued ocean, white sandy beach and luscious green hills. Only fifteen minutes by plane or helicopter from Mahé island (or a scenic fifty-five minutes by ferry), and a million miles from the ordinary, Raffles is loved by those with an adventurous spirit and a taste for the very best. 

Anantara Maia Seychelles Villas 

Anantara Maia Seychelles Villas

Embrace restorative luxury in private villas edging porcelain sands framed by thirty acres of forest at the Anantara Maia. Seychelles’ exotic tropical delights are in abundance here, where the resort blends seamlessly with the landscape. Unwind in Bill Bensley designed villas that combine rustic elements of hammered copper with elegant soft furnishings. Soak up some rays by your endless infinity pool, or stroll onto the secluded beach. Experience the ‘Beyond All Inclusive’ package to dine wherever, whenever and personalise your meals with the resort’s head chef. Wander through the floral gardens for tranquil moments or let the gentle breeze accompany a signature therapy at Anantara Spa. Immerse yourself in exquisite luxury at Anantara Maia Seychelles Villas. 

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