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Insignia Platinum Consumer Card

Insignia Platinum Card

The Insignia Platinum Card delivers a high level of financial privilege and enhanced service benefits with our 24/7 Platinum Lifestyle Management Service that enables you to indulge in the best of everything you aspire to live the life your success deserves.
Key Benefits
24/7/365 Platinum Lifestyle Management Service
Boasting a 98% success rate on fulfilling cardmember requests, our team of experienced lifestyle managers and luxury specialists can arrange your travel itinerary, source tickets for sold-out shows, and arrange last-minute tables at the most in-demand restaurants.
Lucrative Rewards Points Programme
Our pioneering loyalty points programme allows us to reward you wherever and whenever you use your Insignia card. Once you've accrued a balance, you'll be able to shop, book travel or simply check your points at the touch of a button.
No Interest Rate Charges
The Insignia Platinum Card requires you to settle your statement balance in full by the due date. This ensures that you never face any interest charges on your balance helping you to stay in control of your money and avoid unnecessary charges.
Effortless Living
  • 24/7/365 Platinum Lifestyle Management Service
  • Essential Travel Insurance: Includes cover for personal liability up to €500k, emergency medical and other expenses abroad up to €150k including sports related injuries, travel assistance and travel accidents up to €100k, cancellation or curtailment, delayed departure, and baggage/extended baggage delay
  • Insignia Rewards: Pioneering luxury loyalty points programme
  • VIP Airport Assistance
  • Complimentary LoungeKey™ Membership
  • Insignia Hotels Collection
  • The Voice of Luxury: Insignia's online shopping platform
Financial Freedom
  • 24/7/365 Card and Client Servicing
  • Available Currency: EUR
  • Deferred payment billing cycle: Monthly
  • Insignia Online Services
  • SMS Transaction and Fraud Alerts
  • Emergency Replacement Card
  • Complimentary Purchase Protection Insurance
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Exceptional Living
Exceptional Living
With our combined offering of luxury lifestyle management and payment services, Insignia has over 23 years of experience satisfying the lifestyle needs of the most influential & wealthy individuals in the world.

Our membership is strictly for ultra-high and high-net-worth individuals and we consciously cap membership to maintain exclusivity, allowing us to fulfil our ethos of delivering ‘complete personal attention’ to each individual so they can experience the very best life has to offer.
Exceptional Living
Do business with confidence
From wowing business partners at prestigious corporate hospitality events to ensuring business trips run smoothly, Insignia's Lifestyle Boutique delivers premium quality that exceeds expectations.
Insignia in the press
'Highly personalised and exclusive services to those who 
want to experience the best life has to offer.'
'Inside the $225,000 Oscars 2020 Gift Bag'
'Move over AmEx, here are by invitiation credit cards that cost $200,000'
'When AmEx Black Just Won't Do: A Gem-encrusted Card for .001%'
'The service is like having an invisible companion'
'British lifestyle management company takes the sting out of travel and daily life elevating it all to a lovely new life form'
'When you're exorbitantly rich, you can afford not to fret over things like your 15th wedding anniversary - at least if you're an Insignia member'
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