Facilities and Features

Through the online portal, you can apply for an unlimited number of supplementary cards all of which are all linked to the main account. This streamlined application approach removes any cumbersome administrative output and results in smoother and swifter card issuance.

You can also generate customised reports, download statements in various formats and access a personalised messaging section to contact and share documents with us or receive periodic notifications and service updates.

There’s no better way to track and manage the entirety of your business expenses while providing trusted employees with a convenient and flexible business expenses payment instrument.

A full breakdown of the features on our online services platform for business includes:

  • Messaging: A personalised inbox with important notifications from Insignia
  • Security: Enhanced login security with two-factor authentication
  • UX: Attractive design and easy navigation for a satisfying user journey
  • Balance: : Remain in control of your finances 24/7 with access to your real-time balance and available spend as well as past and present statements
  • Control: Request a new PIN, block your card, manage your SMS alerts, change your personal details or to apply for supplementary cards
  • Statements:Remain in control of your finances by having 24/7 access to your past and present statements as well as checking your transactions in real time
  • Reporting: Downloadable and customisable CSV reports and transaction data
  • Management: Admin accounts allow you to create user and manager sub-accounts and set appropriate restrictions on data accessibility
  • Accounting: Create reports on card level, account level or on a consolidated basis and apply currency filters

We are adding new functionality all the time to ensure that our online services experience remains at the forefront of advances in financial technology.

If you are experiencing difficulties logging in or need to contact us for any reason, you can call the number that appears on the reverse of your card.

Insignia members can log into Online Services here