Aria Lifetuning

ARiA Lifetuning is seven-day programme, whereby through presentations, one-to-one consultations, group sessions, experiential meals and stress management techniques, participants are able to bring their life back to equilibrium. ARiA takes place on a mega yacht sailing across the Mediterranean, replete with its own Michelin-starred chef and an experienced support team, whose sole purpose throughout the week is to help you achieve your goals. The three key pillars of the Lifetuning programme are: nutrition, muscle stimulation and stress management. And once these are balanced, in turn, you will be developing a roadmap to a happier and healthier life.


Framed by mountains and jagged cliffs, Amanera commands a dramatic coastal position in Playa Grande, Dominican Republic. Surrounded by the lush vegetation of a nature reserve, there’s a firm focus on immersing oneself in the outdoors. For a true endorphin-boost, book the holistic Surf and Sun programme. Far more than the average beach retreat – this experience incorporates complementary energy treatments, with ceremonial palo santo smudging and indigenous healing larimar stones for chakra-balancing; yoga, specifically targeting the lower-back muscles that contract while riding the waves; nourishing snacks and clarifying meditation, all of this is combined with two and a half hours of expert surf lessons each day!


Offering the very latest in medical services, PreventicumLondon Centre of Preventive Medicine, combines the very latest in x-ray-free medical technology with highly experienced doctors and luxury service from start to finish. They can provide complete in-depth, full-body check ups to individual and corporate clients. A Preventicum check up is not solely diagnostic; instead, they seek to evaluate key risk factors and develop a preventive strategy specifically tailored to each client’s lifestyle. All treatments and follow-ups are arranged swiftly and thoroughly.

Pearl of Aesthetic

Combining the luxury of a five-star hotel with leading medical experts and services, Pearl of Aesthetic in Dusseldorf has quickly become the trusted outpost for both German and international visitors to access aesthetic and medical care. An unrivalled address in the medical sphere, Pearl of Aesthetic specialises in plastic and aesthetic surgery, as well as hair transplantations, all available under one roof.

Health & Wellness
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