Earlier this month, our team of luxury specialists and lifestyle managers had the privilege of embarking on an exclusive FAM trip organised by Leading Hotels of the World. This captivating journey took us through Southern Spain’s Andalusian region, where we explored three extraordinary hotels that redefine luxury and hospitality.

Gran Hotel Miramar in Malaga: Where Elegance Meets History

Our voyage commenced at the Gran Hotel Miramar in Malaga, a luxury icon that boasts 190 rooms of various styles and designs. What distinguishes this opulent establishment is the unique design on each floor, ranging from contemporary to classic and even Arabic-inspired.

Initially opened in 1926 as the “Hotel Principe de Asturias” by King Alfonso XIII, it later became the “Hotel Miramar.” Throughout its storied history, it has served various roles, including housing the city’s blood hospital during the Spanish Civil War.

The Gran Hotel Miramar has been gloriously restored to its former grandeur following an extensive restoration project that meticulously preserved its original elements. Notable guests, including Michelle Obama, have graced its premises, and it even served as a filming location for the TV series “The Crown”.

The Gran Hotel Miramar is a splendid option for travellers planning to spend a few nights in Malaga before exploring Andalusia. Malaga offers a blend of history, sightseeing, and seaside charm, with ongoing improvements and the introduction of new luxury boutiques to enhance the overall experience.

Marbella Club: A Haven of Tranquility

Next on our journey was the Marbella Club, an oasis of tranquillity nestled in Marbella. This intimate and celebrated establishment is ideal for those seeking privacy and relaxation.

Founded in 1954 by Prince Alfonso von Hohenlohe as a private playground for aristocrats and celebrities, the Marbella Club Hotel has hosted luminaries such as Audrey Hepburn, Cary Grant, Grace Kelly, and even Princess Diana during her visits to the Goldsmith family’s villa.

The Marbella Club offers various villa options, making it particularly suitable for families with children who can fully enjoy the fantastic kids club. Additionally, the hotel features a well-equipped gym, group sports classes, heated pools, a spa, and multiple restaurants.

The owner’s active involvement in interior design sets the Marbella Club apart, reflecting a profound commitment to creating a unique and detail-oriented atmosphere.

Puente Romano: Dynamic Luxury Destination

Our journey concluded at Puente Romano, a dynamic and vibrant luxury destination in Marbella. While Marbella Club and Puente Romano have different owners, they share a family connection that significantly enhances the guest experience. 

Puente Romano caters to a younger and more dynamic crowd, offering a self-contained destination experience. It boasts an extensive area with three gyms, tennis and paddle courts hosting various competitions, and a lively atmosphere. 

The hotel features the renowned Six Senses Spa, a kids club, and impressive dining options, including globally recognised names like Nobu, Cipriani, and Coya. With plans for two additional restaurants, two nightclubs, and the world’s first Fendi café, Puente Romano provides an all-encompassing luxury experience.

Our FAM trip allowed us to explore the distinctive character of these remarkable hotels, immersing us in their unique offerings. Whether you seek timeless elegance, serene tranquillity, or vibrant dynamism, Andalusia’s Leading Hotels have it all.

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