Located in storied Marrakech steeped in tradition, Royal Mansour brings opulent luxury together with impeccable hospitality. From a complimentary airport transfer to a seamless checkout, guests will have the best of tradition and effortless travel all in one.

The founders of Royal Mansour have endeavored to preserve local architecture, Morocco’s ancestral past and celebrate the culinary arts to offer its global clientele complete immersion into this rich culture.

Not unlike the great, imperial cities of Morocco this property features a majestic entrance, a testimonial to the region’s ancient craftsmanship. Traditional materials are incorporated into the property’s many structures and include cedar wood, hammered metal and intricate plaster work. Just like the famed “Bab el Khamis”, Royal Mansour’s gate is a symbol of “happiness, wealth and prosperity”.

Inspired by the unique fusion of North African, Spanish and Portuguese cultures, this property is big on symmetry in its architecture and interior design. Guests do not simply stay in rooms or suites. On arrival each guest is escorted through the Medina and gardens to their very own traditional Moroccan Riad. Exuding luxury, Royal Mansour is the only hotel in the world that offers this set up.

The ground floor of the riads feature a bar, dining room and outdoor patio. Each Riad also has its own plunge/swimming pool, fireplace and a terrace overlooking Marrakech. Each riad is lavishly decorated in traditional Moroccan silks, brocades and contemporary works of art. While Royal Mansour places tradition above all else, modern amenities including high-speed broadband, a control touch panel for the roof and LCD televisions are also discreetly available. The larger riads even feature their very own butler.

Royal Mansour, Marrakech, Morocco, Photo by Alan Keohane/still-images.net

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