Landmark exhibitions, blockbuster shows, and sensational stories told through the medium of film – there is never enough art and culture to immerse oneself in.

Hamptons International Film Festival

Having celebrated its 25th anniversary last fall, the Hamptons International Film Festival is well-established as a star-studded, resort-style showcase for the best and brightest films of awards season. Across each of the last eight years, one of the films in the festival has gone on to win best picture, with 47 Oscar nominations for films in the festival last year alone. Mark your calendar from October 10-14, in order to preview some of the biggest films for the year to come in the most glamorous surroundings.

FIAC Art Fair

Paris might be better-known for its grand masters, but in 1974 the International Contemporary Art Fair began in this hallowed city and has been a success ever since. On October 17-20, 200 exhibitorswill descend on the Grand Palais, including many of the most influential contemporary specialists worldwide, to showcase the finest examples of art since the turn of the 20th century. Thursday is a particularly dynamic night in the schedule, as on this occasion leading galleries across the city will offer late-night openings, book signings and special artist Q&A seminars.

Florence Biennale

A 10-day event that is held from October 18-27 at the Fortezza da Basso in Florence, the programme at the Florence Biennale is a confluence of the very best exhibitions, performances and educational art initiatives. Every two years this Medicean city is animated and enlivened with a programme that includes leading artists and collectors from around the world. Since it was founded just over 20 years ago, more than5,000 artists from 100 different countries have been discovered and made known.

Culture & Events
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