At the beginning of the month, our Lifestyle Managers Silva Cardillo and Lucie Dardenne visited the brand-new Chenot Palace Weggis hotel in Switzerland, to experience first-hand their ‘Detox. Energise. Perform.’ programme.

The new Chenot Palace Weggis, which opened its doors in June 2020, is truly a peaceful place to escape our fast-paced lives and reconnect with ourselves. The philosophy of the Chenot Method is to reset the body and the mind, to rebalance the physiology of the body. The goal is to reverse the accumulation of toxins caused by particular lifestyle choices which can eventually lead to degenerative diseases.

Chenot Palace Weggis offers a range of three different programmes over a seven-night-stay: “Advanced Detox”, “Recover & Energise”, and “Prevention & Ageing Well”. All three share the same core foundation of treatments which include a detoxifying diet, medical and nutritional consultations, Chenot diagnostics and lifestyle biomarkers, and a compilation of wellness treatments from energetic massages to hydro-aromatherapy. But each programme has added medical, sport and wellness treatments designed to fit the needs of your body and mind.
A major advantage of these programmes is that they are adjusted and personalised to each individual on the basis of personal consultations with doctors and nutritionists. It is a truly tailored experience designed to restore your optimal.

The Palace is perched at the foot of the Swiss Alps in Weggis. Surrounded by the emblematic and peaceful Lake Lucerne, this majestic and tranquil Alpine setting is ideal for your journey towards rejuvenation.

The Palace embodies an ambience of true wellness values. Full of elegance and charm, the property is designed to calm the mind and enrich it with art and culture. At the library, the guests can enjoy a vast collection of books and magazines all dedicated to luxury living. The pieces of art which are on display in the rooms, in the spa centre and in every corner of the property, are there to stimulate and inspire your mind. During their stay, guests can observe the tranquillity of the Japanese garden, relax on the Palace’s own private beach and enjoy stunning views of the Swiss Alps.

“The one thing that made my stay at Chenot Palace Weggis an unforgettable experience, was the highest quality of service I have ever experienced in similar settings.” While Swiss hospitality is well known for its excellence, Chenot Palace Weggis excels in providing a truly exceptional service with first-class personal care. Not only are the staff of the hotel willing to pay attention to enchance your stay, but the medical and wellness staff are there to accompany you with the detox programmes. To experience such a disciplined detox schedule when your lifestyle is a manic malaise of work, stress and pressure, can be difficult for your mind and body to acclimatise to at first. The doctors and therapists are on hand to take care of you ensuring the most beneficial experience.

The charming modern design of the Palace is reflected in its rooms and suites. Entirely renovated, the buildings host numerous accommodations that overlook Lake Lucerne and offer stunning panoramas of the mountain landscape. Decorated in a very elegant and minimalist way, they extend the feeling of calmness that exude from the spa and wellness centres creating an ambient ecosystem of tranquillity throughout. The warm tones, noble materials and art enrich the body and the mind with a tangibility of luxury and abundance.

The Chenot diet plan is one of the most important components of the Chenot Method. It is carefully designed to blend seamlessly with wellness treatments that support the detoxification, stimulation and reset of the body. Based on scientific research and on the seasonality of the finest ingredients; the diet is a combination of cooking techniques which create an enjoyable low-density calories diet, tasteful, flavourful and beautifully plated.

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