Boasting the best in traditional Italian family hospitality, iconic Grand Hotel Tremezzo is located in the heart of Lake Como. It features breath-taking vistas of the Grigne mountains, Bellagio and the sparkling blue lake. With a heritage that goes back over 100 years, this sprawling property features period décor in elegant drawing rooms, salons and three pools, one of which is floating on the lake itself.

Offering a variety of luxurious rooms and suites, this property features both park and lakes views from floor to ceiling windows, balconies, marble bathrooms, whirlpool baths and a distinctly Italian design sensibility. The rooftop suites even feature a hot tub offering majestic views of the hills and sky. The presidential suite is titled Suite Greta after Greta Garbo who made note of the property’s beauty in the Hollywood Golden Age film, “Grand Hotel”.

Located within a century-old park, Grand Hotel Tremezzo offers guests peace tranquility throughout the course of the pleasant Italian summer. The exotic assortment of flowers and plants in bloom across the property offer add an additional touch of serenity to guests’ stay. Then there is the view. Lake Como is one of the rarest landscapes on the planet. Combining lush, green hills with deep, blue bodies of water, the landscape is one of the most unforgettable in the world.

Because the property is a family-owned operation, their staff of 150 dedicated hospitality professionals guarantee extraordinary service and one-to-one attention. Children will especially love the hotel mascot Bobo. Popular with travelers of every type, a stay at Grand Hotel Tremezzo is a fever dream of Italian decadence enhanced by the most impeccable hospitality in the region.  


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