A Global Cities Report from management consulting company A.T. Kearney still regards New York as the world’s most competitive city in the world. It’s little surprise really, given that New York City is perhaps the most iconic city in the entire world and home to Wall Street, Fifth Avenue, the United Nations and many of the biggest companies and media corporations on the planet. It does, however, warn that progress across Europe, Asia and the Middle East are beginning to show signs of disrupting the status quo.

A.T. Kearney ranks the world’s major cities on their attractiveness for businesses and employees based on a variety of factors including business activity and culture, human capital, political engagement and information exchange. Elsewhere, New York was named the second-best city in the world for business travel by CEOWORLD, one place behind London.

Commonly known as The Big Apple, New York City also boasts a burgeoning startup scene with key industries including financial services, media, technology and communications. As the global hub of international business and commerce, it is also one of the easiest places in the world to network with like-minded professionals.

With the world’s largest stock market nearby, companies in NYC have more opportunities to raise funds needed to support their business. Transport is tightly interwoven by various routes and services. At the same time, the prestige of operating an office in the city is a great advantage for companies wishing to stake their hold in the world market.

Business in NYC can benefit from being at the forefront of the latest macroeconomic indicators and its effect on your competitors as well as taking advantage of numerous companies providing professional consulting services and in-depth analysis. NYC has countless resources for social activities with company executives utilising these opportunities to explore potential and expand their business. NYC is also a groundswell for notable individuals and institutions who regularly visit from around the world, granting you precious chances to boost your business.

NYC boasts good governance through the city government and excellent public services, not to mention an almost unlimited talent pool from which to cherry-pick.  Employees here are also more likely to demonstrate higher loyalty because of the metropolitan lifestyle, sound education options, and best health care. First rank universities in the New England region providing one of the best workforces in the world.

Top 5 - Cities for business
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