Move over David Attenborough. There’s a new wildlife narrator in town. It’s you.

Through this unique experience offered exclusively to Insignia cardholders, you now have the chance to not only experience a number of exotic ecosystems up close, but also record your reaction throughout. This brand-new tour concept is the first on the market. Travelers will have the opportunity to be the first to have this extraordinary once in a lifetime experience not offered anywhere else.

Luxury Travel Advisors presently offers four options for this wildlife expedition:

Brazilian Explorer—5 to 13 August 2017

  • Scuba dive and snorkel in the caved lagoon Lagoa Misteriosa and Rio da Prata’s crystal clear azure waters.
  • Undertake a rafting expedition in search of Green Anacondas and other exotic wildlife on the Formoso River.
  • Visit the Buraco of Araras Private Reserve. It is a sink hole ecosystem featuring a variety of mammals including armadillos, anteaters, coatis, foxes and around 130 species of birds including toucans.
  • Meet with the research team working with a mammal species (Brazilian Tapir or Giant Armadillo).
  • Embark on a boat expedition seeking out Giant Otters and other Pantanal wildlife.
  • Take part in a Jaguar safari with a team that was featured on BBC’s Natural World.
  • Join the Myacinth Macaw research team in the field.

Faltam palavras pra descrever a exuberância dessas cores, a exuberância dessa ave! 😍 – FOTO: @felipe.pavan.7

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Heart of the Arctic—20 to 27 May 2017

  • Partake in a tour of Longyearbyen and visit the Global Seed Vault.
  • Dog sled or snowmobile through the landscape in the spectacular scenery on Svalbard.
  • Travel to Wahlenberg Glacier and admire the birds, seals and the region’s coalmining history along the way.
  • Embark on a kayak trip in Adventfjorden, one of Svalbard’s most historic fjords.
  • Board a whale and walrus cruise.
  • Take in a polar bear safari, the star of the polar north.
  • Should the climate pre-empt any of the above activities at its pre-scheduled time, the team will ensure another selected activity is re-scheduled in its place.

Одна из туристических точек Свальбарда. На переднем плане ловушка для медведей . Так давным давно приманивали медведя. Там наверху висят тюлени . Ну короче вы понимаете. Слева есть маленькие ящички- это тоже ловушки, но там вообще кровожадно, не буду рассказывать. Радует что сейчас популяция белого медведя на архипелаге больше чем человеческая ) и охота на медведя запрещена. #spitsbergen #longyearbyen #nothernlights #svalbard #basecampexplorer

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African Vet Safari in South Africa—6 to 13 May 2017

  • Helicopter from Delair Wine Estate to Victoria & Albert Waterfront.
  • Take part in a Delair Graff wine tasting and lunch.
  • Tour Table Mountain in Jeeps, on Harley Davidsons or vintage cars.
  • Board a private cruise on Cape Town harbor.
  • Spend four nights at the legendary Founders Lodge.
  • Meet with dedicated safari guide, Wayne Nel.
  • Take part in wildlife activities and filming at one of the following game reserves: Oceana Beach and Wildlife Reserve, Amakhala Game Reserve, Kariega Game Reserve or the Hopewell Conservation Estate.
  • Visit the Born Free Foundation’s Big Cat Sanctuary.
  • Meet with Dr. Will Fowlds at the African Rhino Conservation Centre followed by dinner with him and his family.
  • Take in a Boma braai (traditional open fire Barbecue) at Leeuwenbosch Country House.

Canadian Bear Encounter—Coming Soon!

For more information and to benefit from preferential booking rates for any one of these unique experiences, please contact your Insignia Personal Assistant.

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