Insignia is delighted to announce winning The Best Luxury Concierge Services in Europe award at the Luxury Lifestyle Awards

The LLAs selects, recognises, and celebrates promoting the best luxury goods and services from around the world. It is one of the world’s most recognised and respected brands, providing assurance of the highest quality, representing pioneering excellence and innovation. It prides itself on the impartial, independent, and large-scale evaluation of those companies considered for nomination. Participants are evaluated by an expert jury comprising of industry experts in the luxury segment, independent specialists, business analysts, and chief editors, among others.

Insignia’s team of lifestyle managers and luxury specialists possess a wealth of experience in providing its valued members with unrivalled and memorable lifestyle services, boasting an industry-leading 98% fulfilment rate on requests. 

For super-premium cardmembers, a Personal Assistant is ready to help in all aspects of the members’ life, at a moments notice. Bespoke travel experiences planned by the company’s managers let members enjoy the most desired destinations and visit the world’s most exclusive properties. The idea of a life without limits inspires the luxury lifestyle managers to do whatever is necessary to enhance the quality of the members’ experience.

As well as its award-winning lifestyle services, Insignia issues iconic premium and super-premium personal and business payment cards providing effortless living and financial freedom to its exclusive high and -ultra-high net worth clientele. This unique, symbiotic model distinguishes us from other competitors on the market. 

Insignia’s portfolio of desirable card products is uniquely designed to cater to the needs of successful high achievers. Its benchmark product is the Insignia Jewellery Card, handcrafted by lapidaries and artisans based upon the cardmember’s unique design; each piece is a marvel of art jewellery featuring a solid 14-carat gold frame embedded with precious stones such as Champagne diamonds and materials like Mother of Pearl. Extraordinary purchasing power, unrivalled lifestyle management services and status rolled into one encompassing package—that is what it means to be an Insignia member. 

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