Insignia takes you on a journey around the world showcasing some of the top events and bespoke activities in luxury lifestyle. Dine at the newest restaurants, stay at the best hotels and be front row at the hottest shows. 


1st – 3rd September | Monza, Italy

Monza is regarded by many as the embodiment of Formula One racing. Not only is it a fantastic example of a track that combines speed with skill, it also has a heart and soul all of its own. One of the longest running events on the calendar, hosted in the royal park of Monza and located on the outskirts of Milan, the Italian Grand Prix is a must-visit if you are a true F1 racing enthusiast.


7-17 September | Toronto, Canada

Living up to its stature as the premier international awards-season launch pad, the Toronto Film Festival includes 255 feature-length films and 84 short films. Of the feature films, 147 are world premieres. The number of Canadian films at the is listed as 28 features and 29 shorts.


9th September | Hyde Park, London

The BBC Proms in the Park events offer live concerts featuring high-profile artists, well-loved presenters and BBC Big Screen link-ups to the Royal Albert Hall, when you can join with audiences across the nations. Legendary singer-songwriter and The Kinks frontman, Sir Ray Davies will headline this year’s event.


12th September | Barcelona, Spain

Two rivalry clubs meet again. Barcelona and Juventus will begin their campaigns on the 12 September as they look to reach the UEFA Champions League final in Kiev on the 26 May. Held in Barcelona at Camp Nou stadium, the match is set to be as thrilling as ever with these two competitive teams.


16th Sept – 3rd October | Munich, Germany

Oktoberfest is the world’s largest Volksfest. Held annually in Munich, it is a 16 to 18-day folk festival, with more than 6 million people from around the world attending. In addition to eating, drinking and dancing, visitors can enjoy colourful parades, a variety of fairground rides, and for those not themselves in traditional Bavarian gear, admire those that are.

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