There is no brand quite as luxurious as Loro Piana. Since 1924 this Italian label has been synonymous with elegance, innovation and sustainable craftsmanship. In the words of its founders Sergio and Pier Luigi Loro Piana, the brand “has built its reputation over decades of searching for the best raw materials and on the refusal to compromise on quality in all aspects”.

Recently it has become a serious player in the sphere of children’s toys. Using the most delicate cashmere and furs, these toys are far more akin to heirlooms that will be passed down for generations than to a child’s plaything. Here is our list of top five Loro Piana Children’s gifts:

5. My Turtle

This toy turtle is crafted from silky-soft Orylag fur. Orylag fur is a French product that is finished to perfection in Cognac. The fur originates from certain farms that follow strict breeding. This stunning creature will be cherished for years to come.

4. My Beagle Grande

This beautiful Beagle is crafted from the finest cashmere fabric. This delightful piece will please every dog lover young or young at heart. A truly elegant piece. Should he require a little friend, My Beagle Piccolo is also available.

3. My Gupi

Based on the retro My Gupi toys of yesteryear, My Gupi by Loro Piana is crafted in the likeness of a wise owl. Made of 100% Orylag rabbit fur, this plush toy is certain to bring a smile to the face to your little one.

2. My First Bunny

This lovely rabbit is sure to become your children’s playmate for life. Made of the softest Orylag and castorino fur, My First Bunny is an elegant addition to every nursery or playroom.

1. My Husky

This super-premium plush dog is crafted from fox and mink fur. Fashioned in the likeness of a traditional Alaskan snowdog, this beautiful animal will please children of all ages. My Husky also features a trim of Castorino fur and incredibly life-like detailing.

For more information on Loro Piana plush toys, please contact your Insignia Personal Assistant.

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